ECS 210

What is ‘Common Sense’ ?

Kumashiro defines common sense as something that is routine within ones society, mindsets or ideologies. It is something that people say or do that occurs without being questioned. He also gives us examples of how different communities can have different ideas of what it means to obtain common sense by contrasting the school systems in the United States; to the ones in Nepal.

I believe that as a future teacher it is important to not only pay attention to the common sense that is put in place within the society you are situated in, but also to the ones that occur within the societies your future students could be coming from. It is essential for us to be sensitive to others cultures, religions and learning techniques due to Canada’s current high population of migration. It is important to recognize that there are many families migrating from counties all over the world to Canada. We must be aware of how the common sense within their societies has shaped our future students into ideologies that are likely to be much different from our own. It is our job to educate ourselves on the different possibilities of common sense in order to ensure that all of our students feel comfortable within our classrooms.

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