ECS 210

Curriculum Development : Traditionalist Perspective

In a nutshell the Tyler rational consists of outcomes and indicators, curriculum and syllabus, grades and subjects; which all take place in a classroom setting. My experience in education has consistently relied on all of these factors. From kindergarten through grade 12 I worked with the same group of individuals who were made to submit the same homework. Day in and day out the environment and learning objectives remained the same. The Tyler rational prevented me and my fellow students from growing independently. There were few opportunities for us to discover different perspectives and learn from one another because our thought processes were molded to be relatively the same.

I believe that studying the Tyler rational can be beneficial for our future students because it gives us an insensitive of what works and what does not. The organizational aspect of the rational works because it ensures opportunities needed to learn about various subjects. Curriculum allows for students to learn the essentials needed to function in society. I believe that school systems should continue to use curriculum but allow for other teaching methods to contribute to the growth of students as well.

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