ESCI 302

I pledge too..

179 countries including Canada are participating in the Paris Agreement which has been created to decrease the emission of greenhouse gasses. I too want to be a part of this movement and by doing so, I must recognize how my bad habits are creating an ugly carbon footprint. My house currently does not have clean drinking water available for me to use, therefor I find myself buying countless amounts of bottled water. My fridge is always stocked full of bottled water because I am human and need to drink it every day. As I am writing this I am quick to notice that this is a problem and I am quite obviously not doing my part for the environment. Although I do recycle the bottles I buy, I am still contributing to the bottled water market that should not be as widely used as it is today.

The main theme I took from the Apathy into Action conferences is to stand up and talk about what you believe in.  You can not make an individual change without educating yourself and conversing with others on the topic. With that being said, in order to break my bottled water consumerism issues I pledge to become more informed on the issues pertaining to bottled water consumerism. As well as pledge to use a large Culligan water jug, which I can reuse an endless amount of times. This will encourage me to fill my fridge full of reusable water bottles and bring them with me throughout my daily activities.

This week for my visual journal I decided to reuse one of my plastic bottles by converting it into two flower pots. One plastic bottle is now (going to be) the home for two new living plants. I believe that having these plants sit along my window sill will give me the daily reminder I need to continue with my pledge.

1 thought on “I pledge too..”

  1. Creating flower pots out of your water bottles is a very creative way to visually represent your pledge to reduce your plastic water bottle use. I very much agree with your point about the importance of education when attempting to make change.


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