ECS 210

Week 3: Deconstructing Educational Quotations

“Schools were built upon a fundamental premise that teachers and knowledge and information were scarce. That is no longer the reality.” – Will Richardson

What does the following quote make possible/ impossible in education?

Technology, specifically in this case the Internet; provides endless opportunities for people to discover knowledge and information with a simple click. Anyone who has availability to the Internet has the power to become knowledgeable, therefor, the reliance on teachers to acquire knowledge on all aspects of development is depleting. Since knowledge is no longer a scarce aspect in our society I believe it allows for more creativity in the educational system. The abundance of knowledge available creates an opportunity for the education system to develop a curriculum that allows students to apply the knowledge that specifically contributes to being a functional citizen in society.

What does it say about the teacher? About the student?

There are a variety of ways in which teachers can implement the curriculum into the classroom. Technology allows for teachers to discover new ways to engage their students in the classroom to create a more meaningful learning environment. I believe that the growth of technology is helping teachers realize that it is beneficial to shy away from the traditional ways of teaching. 

Unfortunately the abundance of resources available online may result in students asking “why do we need to know this? In the real world,  I can google the answer on my electronic device.”
My advice would be to explain the satisfaction that follows being a competent learner. It is unprofessional to rely the totality of your knowledge solely on an electronic device.  Reading something online does not equate to the opportunities the school provides for you to be expressive, experimental and communicative during your learning processes.




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