ESCI 302

Eco-literacy Love Letter

Dear my ecol-iterate friend,

It’s winter now, the temperature is frequently below zero. If I had it my way we would stay inside all day long, snuggled in blankets drinking hot tea. But you, you insist on taking me out to the lake in the blistering cold where we can set up a tent made of thin fabric and ice fish the day away. You are the most content with a fishing rod in hand whilst sitting on a bucket that is stationed on rock solid ice. You feel pride in being resourceful by catching your own dinner, but you are never greedy. You make sure that you only take the necessities because you are aware that taking to many can threaten a species, and you would refuse to be a part of that.

You notice the little things, such as the trail of footprints dancing around the snow in my front lawn. You say they are too large to be the owners of a cat, deer or dog, you determine that they must be from a coyote.  My first instinct is to be fearful, how can I feel safe with a unpredictable animal being near by? You are excited and think it is incredible, not everyday do you see coyote tracks in the city.

Soon spring will come and we will take trips walking through your crops, down a trail that leads to your newly found hobby of beekeeping. You took it upon yourself to salvage the bee population by purchasing honeybees and giving them a new opportunity for life. The bees and crops begin to work together in a cycle, each one helping the other to survive and reproduce.  It is because of your big heart and knowledge that this has been made possible.

As the weather becomes warmer, summer will be here. You will continue to be resourceful and fish from sun rise to sun set. You will be adamant on checking your bees to make sure they are still okay. Your resourcefulness will transfer to your love of gardening in our backyard. Beans, peas, carrots, corn, peppers, you name it, we will be consumers of our own backyard for months on end. You wait for the days that the rain falls down, so we can use the water the earth gave us to feed our garden instead of using the hose.

Before we know it, fall will make its way back around for you to continue your education in agriculture to further your knowledge on the environment. You love to learn about new resourceful ideologies and how you can apply them into your daily life. Education in itself is your way of giving back to the environment because you are willing to listen, to learn and to better your ecol-iterate self.

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