ESCI 302

Eco-Literacy Braid

My love letter was inspired by my friend who reminds me daily about what it means to be eco-literate. I am someone who loves to travel abroad to enjoy the sites and wanders of the world, yet I struggle to find the same beauty in my own backyard. My friend has brought to my attention that Saskatchewan has more to offer than I first realized. My backyard has an extremely large garden, created by the previous owners and in my first year of living here it sat completely bare. As my friend came into my life so did my garden. Together we chose what we wanted to grow and our summer ultimately revolved around bringing our produce to life. Similarly, Ricki talks about how her Grandmother also taught her how to appreciate and make use of your own backyard when she says “You taught me how to plant a garden, To appreciate all the bright flowers, vegetables and fruit”. We both had loved ones in our life who took it upon themselves to teach us the beauty around us that otherwise could have remained hidden.

In relation to both mine and Ricki’s eco-literate posts, Samantha has her parents to thank for bringing eco-literacy into her life. In her poem she writes “You have given me the love for nature, by showing me that nature is everywhere you look”. These two stanzas resonate with my new found love for my home, Saskatchewan. It is because of my friend that I no longer see Saskatchewan as the flat, boring lands it is stigmatized to be. In Ricki’s words my friend also “taught me to love the things around me, and notice how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful world”. I think it is so important to recognize that we have all had someone in our lives who have impacted the way we see the world around us. Lucky for us three we have had people who are resourceful, appreciative and most importantly know the importance of giving back to the earth.

I am so thankful for the people on this earth who are aware of their carbon footprint and choose to share their words of wisdom with the people surrounding them. It is unfortunate to notice that in each of our eco-literate poems and letters we needed someone to guide us towards being eco-literate. It is sad that it isn’t an obvious or ‘common sense’ aspect of our lives to just know that we need to respect our world in the same manner that we respect our neighbors. I hope that in the near future people will become more educated on the repercussions of our own carbon footprints, allowing for eco-literacy to become a natural part of existence for all.

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