ECS 210

Week 6. Curriculum as Citizenship

I feel as though my grade k-12 schooling provided opportunities for people to become the personally responsible citizen and the participatory citizen. The most common being a personally responsible citizen, this is something that schools ensured all students were a part of. This type of citizenship asks for the person to fulfill their social and civic responsibility. Which in my opinion is taught through individual grades, assignments and exams. We are taught that our individual work ethic is the most important quality to have in order to succeed academically. The only way we can move forward in our education is to finish the work load that is expected to be completed, and it is our responsibility to ensure we do so.

The second citizenship identified as is the participatory citizen, is someone who plays an active role in community organizations. Students have the opportunity to engage in this type of citizenship through extracurricular activities such as, student government, sports, band, etc. These are the students who want to go out of their way to participate in activities in their own free time, at their own will. The issue with this type of citizenship in education systems is that not all students qualify to participate in every extra curricular organizations.  For many of these activities there are try-outs or a voting process that determines which students are able to participate to their full potential, or even at all. I went to a large high school and I was one of the students who participated on many different sports teams. I can remember the stress that accompanied the beginning of every new season when we had to wait for the list of names of the people who made the team. Since my high school was quite large there was always more people trying out than there was people who made the team. This prohibited many talented athletes from participating in the sport they loved, as well as strongly affecting their self-esteem. Systems such as try outs prevents students from wanting to further their career of being a participatory citizen.

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