ECS 210

ECS 200 – Week 9 – Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

3 Things I learned:
1. This week in lecture we talked about our future salaries. We learned that there are 6 different classes that determine your salary. After completing an education degree at the University of Regina you are qualified to be a class 4. It is exciting to see that the rate of the salary rises every year continuously for a total of 11 years. Overall I am pleased with the salary and I believe it is a good reflection how the government has grown to recognize the determination and pride teachers have in their occupation.

2. The STF website taught me about the benefits available for teachers. We have a health plan, dental plan, disability plan, insurance, maternity and parental leave, pension plan, and numerous more benefits that we acquire through this occupation. These benefits allow for teachers to live blissfully in our current economic state; we can live without fear of putting food on our families tables and ensure that our families receive proper health care.

3. I learned that the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation is made up of teachers who were elected by teachers. I believe this is important because it ensures that the people who are in control of the federation are ones who have had first hand experience in the field. They know what teachers need in order to be successful in their occupation.

2 Connections I made:
1. I was able to make a connection with the salary class 4. When I graduate from the University of Regina I will be eligible for the class 4 salary. I think it is important to know what kind of income you will receive in your occupation to help you prepare for your life expenses.

2. I appreciate that the STF has a link provided for Beginning Teachers. Starting a new profession can be a nerve wrecking process and I believe that this link helps relieve some of that stress. This link provides tools and resources that provide both assistance and advice.

1 Question:
Do you have to be a teacher for a certain length of time before you qualify to be a part of the STF team?

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