ESCI 302

My Journey Through Inquiry Learning

I am slightly embarrassed to post my visual journal this week, but I believe it is needed to show my personal progress of embodying eco-literacy. My groups goal for our embodiment eco-literacy project was to up-cycle waste products that we have accumulated over the semester. My initial idea was to upcycle pieces of cardboard from my workplace that otherwise would have been thrown into the recycling. Instead I took these pieces home and decided to cut out the words “CREATE”. I thought this idea was brilliant. I would create these cute little pieces that I could later post up on the wall of my future classroom. I began cutting out the letters and quickly realized that I had a million little pieces of cardboard left over. I shrugged it off, and threw them in the recycling bin. One by one I took each letter in the word ‘create’ and hot glued recycled items I have accumulated over the semester. I used coffee lids, gum wrappers, bottle caps and an old deck of cards. I put them all together, and still thought to myself, “wow! I am so creative, I am so proud of my progress!”…

It was not until I finished 4 out of the 6 letters that I realized my whole thought process was oh so wrong. Sure, I can keep these letters along with me and post them up into my future classroom. But I am not so sure I would be giving them the right ideas. Can I recycle this piece of cardboard that has coffee lids hot glued on? Nope. Can I recycle the letter ‘R’ that I hot glued gum wrappers onto? Certainly not. Can I re-use the cards I hot glued to the cardboard letter E? No no no. Can I even recycle bottle caps in general? NO. Apparently companies such as sarcan just throw the bottle caps out. I am so upset about my initial upcycling/ reusing idea, it is not what I intended to portray at all.

I am beginning to accept and understand that this is what inquiry learning is all about. Unfortunately I chose to create prior to fully investigating and asking questions. If there is one thing I have learned about Inquiry learning it is that the process is not linear. All aspects of inquiry learning are interconnected and it does not truly matter where you begin your learning process. That being said, I have come to realize that you must reflect on each inquiry based aspect to ensure you receive the best results.

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