ECS 200

ecs 200. Week 12

3 Things I Learned:
1.  I was not aware that principals relationship between the school community made such a lasting effect on the students academic achievement.
2. Prior to this lecture I did not know that the principals were involved in a type of coaching development for the teachers. I was not aware that the principles were involved in other teachers classrooms.
3. I was surprised to see that the principles are also involved in the curriculum development. It is heartening to see that the principles are there to help you if you have questions or concerns about the course curriculum.

2 Connections I Made:
1. As a student, I had the assumption that you only had to talk to the principal if you were in some sort of trouble. I personally rarely conversed with my principals in elementary or high school due to the stigma that they were only to be talked to if something was ‘wrong’. I wish I would have known that the principals core job was to create a relationship with the students and community.
2. Currently I do not think I could ever become a principal. Although they do have the opportunity to create relationships and create a lasting impact on their students lives. I think I would enjoy my occupation more in the classroom; working directly with the students.

1 Question.
-What credentials does one need to become a principal?

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