Find out what Multiple Intelligences you withhold! What are your strengths? Take the quiz here at Edutopia – Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCES (SELF SMART) -Understanding yourself, how you feel, what you want
INTERPERSONAL (PEOPLE SMART) – Seeing peoples meanings and motives
LINGUISTIC (WORD SMART) – Finding the right words to express what you mean
BODILY KINESTHETIC (BODY SMART) -coordinating your mind with your body
LOGICAL MATHIMATICAL INTELLIGENCE (UMBER SMART) – Quantifying things, making hypothesis and problem solving
MUSICAL (MUSIC SMART) – Discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm and timbre
NATURALIST (NATURE SMART) – understanding living things and reading nature
SPACIAL/VISUAL (PICTURE SMART) – Visualizing the world in 3D


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