Goals that are influenced from my COOP’s feedback:

  • Be aware of students engagement. Is everyone paying attention/listening/on task?
  • Set talking expectations. Be aware of blurters – need to hear what all students know and want to share
  • Be aware of overdependent learners – need to give them opportunities for self development
  • How do I expect my learners to work? (volume, placement, etc. )
  • Work on transitions from one activity to the next. Redo transitions if they do not go smoothly
  • Hold students accountable for my expectations
  • Say “I need you to” instead of “you should be doing this”
  • Pay attention to off task students
  • When giving instructions ensure all students attention is on me

Goals that are influenced from this semesters classes:

  • Use more holistic breaks in the classroom. Take ideas from my EHE class and try them out.
  • Do more research on Differentiated Learning Strategies and practice them in my placement.
  • Do more research on appropriately implementing Indigenous Ways of Knowing and implement them in my placement.
  • Implement Inquiry activities in my placement
  • Implement drama activities to integrate cross-curricular content. – Help reach differentiated learners needs.

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