Presentation by Donna Nikiforuk

  • Seeing the greatness in every child…
  • Reclaiming youth – finding strengths in students.
  • Fair does not mean equal (we need to meet the needs of our students)
  •  Good Teacher Behaviour: calm, joking, offer to help, fairness, smiling, explaining, polite
  • Look for what the students have done right
  • ***Don’t ask why- Ask what happened***
  • Appeal to the inner child
  • Switch from rules to beliefs (What do we believe we need to have a good classroom – make a classroom believe board)
  • CIRCLE OF COURAGE (belonging, mastery, independence, generosity)
  • Respond to students needs rather than reacting to the problems
  • Don’t get into a power struggle
  • Ways to help students belong: okay to make mistakes and fix it, help students be the best they can be, allow “do-overs”, is this helping or hurting someone?, follow up- what can we do to make it better
  • *language is everything*
  • “you are valuable”
  • Hurt people, Hurt people
  • Give kids opportunities to find their gifts
  • “caught ya” bin – get your names entered when you do a good thing
  • 5 needs: survival, belonging, fun, freedom and power
  • ***be the teacher students can count on***

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